Why Kids Supply Castle?

Our program exists to save parents time and money.
We give back directly to local schools to help them reach their financial goals.

As a parent, you know that your kids are getting the exact supplies the teachers want them to have. As a school, you are getting immediate funds back without having to ask parents for fundraisers as soon as school starts. Helping kids learn is essential to building strong communities. Let Kids Supply Castle help your little prince or princess get off to the right start with quality supplies at discounted prices, all while helping your school get off to the right start.

Kids Supply Castle is the fundraiser without the hassle. Parents have to buy supplies, now 10-15% automatically goes back to your kids' school and grade. Easy as 1-2-3-4.

The Royal Court of Premium Supplies

We work directly with educators to make sure the supplies are exactly what your little prince or princess needs.
You can order a ready made Desk In a Box or build your child’s perfect book bag.




Paper & Scissors

Pens & Pencils

Holders & Bags

Notebooks & Rulers

Sanitizers & Tissues

Buy Now

Visit your school store or our general store to buy now.

Communities Can Help

With Kids Supply Castle back to school drives have met 21st century solutions. Churches and non profits can order supplies directly for a school of their choice. The school gets rewarded twice, once with supplies and twice with a percentage of sales. Twice the giving with one action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Checks are issued every month on the 5th and mailed out to the schools directly. Parents and community organizations can buy supplies year round. At the end of every month we send any funds raised to the school.
School administrators or your local approved PTO/PTA leader.
Our website and shopping cart uses a secure, industry standard transaction method.
Every piece of information you provide our company is strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone. We are parents also and value privacy.
We offer a 14 day guarantee on all our products. Email returns@kidssupplycastle.org and let us know you are sending your order back. Pay for return shipping and once the supplies are received we will credit your funds.
Kids Supply Castle's parent company is a global wholesaler. We work directly with school supply manufacturers to make sure we can get the best pricing so that we can offer competitive pricing that matches the large big box retailers.
We are parents also. We personally test each of our supplies. Then we give educators a chance to use and approve the products we offer. Name brand or generic our supplies are design to give our kids quality at affordable prices.
Have more questions? Drop us a line at info@kidssupplycastle.org and we will be happy to assist.

Contact Us

Contact us to enroll with us and join the community. Simply fill up the form and we will contact you back shortly.